PRO PLAY ESPORTS is an international Esports Pro Leagues, Tournaments and Network created to lead and innovate the industry across the most popular video games with numerous online and offline competitions. The first company privately funded, owned and launched from Latin America to the world.

Working together with Developers, Leagues, Government Entities and Players to create a unique Esports Ecosystem for players worldwide.

Pro Play Esports is the culmination of a dream of many collaborators who work today on our company, that wanted to create a first of a kind type of enterprise that reflects the true spirit and values of competitive gaming.

In our team, there are people from 8 countries, some of them leaders in their own country of several esports communities, who have run thousands of tournaments in their lives, and know what is needed for players that want to have fun, find new friends, and start their own gaming career. The team is compromised to give you the tools and experience to have fun and go pro, if that’s what you are aiming for.

In the upcoming months, you will see exhibition tournaments that haven’t been done yet, International Pro Players giving you tips & tricks on how to improve your game, more than 1000 open tournaments during our first year, 4 live events that will feature a fighting style tournaments and another one with the best Esports titles -with over $1,000,000 USD in prizes-.

SEASON 1 / 2019-2020
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