Pro Play Esports is the best place to start your PRO PLAYER career, play in Leagues and Grand Slams to start your gaming career or do it just for fun in open tournaments and Arenas. Find new teammates, play with international people, create your own team and get international exposure.

You can play any tournament you want for free, but cash prices are for premium subscribers only. Hey, it´s only $3.99 USD a month and you help us deliver the best service to YOU. We will explain how our system works and also, how to start the road to become a Pro Player.

Over $150,000 USD in prizes during SEASON 1

Arenas are weekly or bi-weekly tournaments held every 3 months, for more than 14 games and a $50 USD prize for the winner. Arenas are also stages that will lead to a final tournament, where 16 players will fight for a guaranteed $500 USD prize pool.

weekly tournaments

arena finals

WEEKLY TOURNAMENTS: Rank up in our weekly tournaments, gather XP and, if you make it to the top 16, get invited to our ARENA FINALS, where you will fight for our $500 USD Prize Pool.Our weekly tournaments also have a $50 USD prize exclusive to our PREMIUM users. Try Premium Now, its only $3.99 a month

ARENA FINALS: This is your next step in your Pro Career. The 16 best players per game will face in the tournament, open for Lite and Premium users, direct elimination, and a juicy $500 USD prize pool, always guaranteed. Get special attention, draw the reflectors to yourself and become one of our champions. Big challanges bring big rewards.

All year long

We promise to keep tournaments going all year long, so you have something to play all the time.

That means over 1000 tournaments and the chance to become one of our champions, let us tell your story.

$500 USD prize pool. Always

This is how you kickstart your Professional Career.

This is your reward for training and getting better.

We care about you going Pro and we want to help.

Multiple games, multiple platforms

No matter the platform, no matter the genre, we’ve got you covered 14 games, 5 platforms, 3 regions, every 2 months.

We are just getting started

Fair, fun, always on

We care about fairness, that’s why we’ve assembled a team of international referees with a vast experience with brands and developers such as

Riot, EA, Free Fire, Dota 2 and more.

Something is spoiling the fun? Use or ticket system and we’ll look into it.

It’s time to go international with our flagship tournaments, this is what Pro Play Esports is all about! Pro Play Esports Leagues will feature regional tournaments with more than 5 titles, 3 different stages and incredible rewards. This is the first step to go International.

We are looking for you, the best of the best. Each Regional League will have an Opening and Closing season that lead to the main event, a final showdown. This is how we find the top players


Weekly Ranking Tournaments with Monthly Champions. The best 12 players from the monthly tournaments will secure a spot on the regional finals for Europa League, North America League and Latino America League. One Champion per region.


Did you sign up later on during the classification stages? Are you already a Pro Player but your ranking points weren’t enough? Last chance will be open for everyone to secure the last 4 spots in the final 16 bracket.

Pro Play Esports Leagues - THE FINALS

Each Opening and closing season will have their final LIVE EVENTS, where the top 4 players of each region will travel to an Arena and face off the best players to be the ultimate winner of each tournament.

This is it, the final showdown. Champions of each season -opening and closing- will face off to become the ultimate Pro Player.

A full sized event that will guarantee pure Esports Joy and the end of the season champions. But this isn’t the end of your journey, this is where the journey really begins...

SEASON 1 / 2019-2020
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