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You will learn FIFA 20 from the legend himself. This course guarantees more wins and aims to make you the ultimate FUT Champion. BorasLegend will take you step by step through everything from Defending to Attacking. Master the art of skill moves, set pieces, shooting, formations and more to reach a higher division. This GamerzClass is more valuable than any amount of FIFA points you can get. 18 episodes of exclusive content & 10 years of FIFA experience summarized in one single place, carefully designed to give you the ultimate FIFA20 learning experience

01: Introduction to Ivan

09: Box Defence

17: Attacking


Johan 'Ettnix' Bengtsson - Teaches Fortnite

You will learn how to be a Fortnite monster. This GamerzClass takes you into the world of Ettnix, one of the best Fortnite players out there with more than 5,000 wins. 26 carefully crafted episodes that will show you how to master the 3 biggest aspects of the game: building, editing and aiming. With the tricks and tips shown in this course you will significantly increase your K/D ratio immediately from the first game you jump out of the battle bus. Enroll now and parachute yourself into greatness.

01: Ettnix Introduction

02: Personal Story

03: Ultimate Settings

10: 90-degree turn

12: Advanced Editing


Nicolaj 'Jensen' Jensen - Teaches League of Legends

With this course, you will learn how to play the most contested League of Legends role close to perfection. Start making those flashy plays that make for sick montages and clap plebs in solo queue. Raise your game knowledge to unspeakable heights and outplay your opponents game after game after game. Adapted to the latest patches of Season 10, this course shares with you the secrets of the mid lane so you can gain ELO regardless of patches, metas or season. Stop relying on your jungler to win the lane and significantly boost your win rate with this GamerzClass.

01: Introduction to Jensen

07: How to Freeze

13: Diamond Elo Analysis


Andreas 'Cr1t-' Nielsen - Teaches Dota 2

This course will raise your Dota 2 gameplay to completely new levels. Learn how to dominate the game as Position 4 from the first minute to the last. After following these lessons you will never say supports can’t carry anymore and you’ll have the most impact on your team every game. Taking this GamerzClass will give you everything you need to pick the perfect hero for any situation. Play from the shadows as you learn how to manage warding, de-warding, ganking and denying the opposing safe lane. Enjoy short queues and watch your MMR go green, as you climb towards immortal with this course

01: Introduction to Andreas

02: Hero Selection & Drafting

03: Analysis of Pro Draft


Andrei 'Odoamne' Pascu - Teaches League of Legends

You will learn what others take years of League of Legends to figure out, in just a few hours. This course takes you by the hand and puts you on your path to complete top-lane domination. Smash your opponent every game and take control of the game from the top side all the way to the enemy nexus. From lane trading to side-lane pressure, champion guides and proper decision making Odoamne takes his years of top LEC experience and gives it to you in this complete 3 hour course. Learn the secret tips that are otherwise not shared anywhere else and immediately use them in your solo queue experience.

01: Odoamne Introduction

07: The use of slow and fast push

08: Rumble champion guide

12: Sidelane pressure


August 'Agge' Rosenmeier - Teaches FIFA 19

You will learn the ins and outs of FIFA19. Welcome to Agges GamerzClass. A state-of-the-art video gaming course that will take your FIFA gameplay to new levels! Tired of losing in FIFA ? Well don’t worry because we got you covered! This MasterClass will teach you everything from FIFA Mechanics (Attacking, Defence, Skill Moves) to FIFA Analysis (Pro, Elite and Gold Level) and learn all of the essentials you need to know, in order to beat all your friends at FIFA. Start today and learn from the former world champion and full-time professional player August “Agge” Rosenmeier.

01: Agge Introduction

13: Crossings

18: How to Analyze yourself

27: Meta Analysis


Marco 'Snappi' Pfeiffer - Teaches CS:GO

You will learn how to be a pro IGL in CS:GO. You don’t become a veteran in the scene overnight, but you can become very good by learning from one. This 24 episode course with Snappi breaks down what it takes to become insane in-game leader. It focuses on tactics, gameplans and strategies on almost every map. This course shows you all of the utility spots, smoke tricks and best in-game practices. Exponentially increase your game-knowledge in just 4 hours of content so you can become the great player you were meant to be.

01: Snappi introduction

13: Explosive Executes

16: Get Banana Control as CT

21: How to review your opponents pt.1


Mathieu 'Maniac' Quiquerez - Teaches CS:GO

You will learn what it takes to be a competitive CS:GO player. With a background in work psychology and an outstanding track record as a Counter-Strike analyst, Maniac will redefine the way you think about the game. Improve your mental both in and outside the game by breaking down clutches & high pressure moments. Understand the strategies, the systems and the roles of CS:GO that only the pros think of and expand your knowledge. Analyse replays alongside your coach in this course and the way you perceive the game will never be the same.

01: Maniac introduction

02: How you approach a clutch

10: How to improve as a lurker

21: Astralis on Nuke PT 1

28: Mads playing with coach Mathieu PT 1


Nicholas 'NicoThePico' Korsgaard - Teaches League of Legends

You will learn the basics of League of Legends faster than anybody else. Nicothepico takes unrefined players and turns them into shining diamonds that go from unknown to playing at the top level of the LEC. In this course he attempts to do the same for you. 6+ hours in 35 episodes that cover everything including individual roles for every lane, macro play, communication, timings, warding and more. This course will also revolutionize your perspective on how to become better through out of game mechanics. Playing at the top level requires being in top physical and mental shape and this NicoThePico show highlights why and how to achieve this.

01: Nicothepico introduction

02: Setting up your PC

12: holy trinity PT.1

16: Back Timing

21: Gameplan: Jungle

26: Nico's rules to success

29: Solo Queue Communication


Nicolai 'glace' Jensen - Teaches CS:GO

You will learn to master the basics of CS:GO faster than anybody else. If you’re a CS:GO beginner with an ambitious mindset and want to become a winner then this course will take you a long way. Glace aims to help you become a better player and introduce you to the competitive side of the game. From a top 30 worldwide player this masterclass was created to guide you from A to Z and reveal all of the fundamentals of CS:GO. Improving has never been more accessible and improvement is guaranteed.

01: PC And NVIDIA Settings

02: CS:GO Settings & Config

04: Sensitivity

17: Pre-aiming & Crosshair placement

19: Money system


Johan 'N0tail' Sundstein - Teaches Dota 2

You will learn to play Dota 2 at the highest caliber possible. This 3 hour course will redefine the way you think about Dota 2. The game is infinitely complex and ever-evolving game, but there is a way to get the most out of it and this course gives it directly to you. Stop playing on auto-mode and learn how to think, approach and play the game to become unstoppable. Your preferred role, heroes or positions don’t matter because this course gives you the universal keys for success. Learning and improving at Dota 2 has never become more accessible and after just 19 episodes, a significant knowledge gain will translate to a giant leap in MMR.

01: N0tail Introduction

02: Settings

03: Dota mechanics

05: The First Five Minutes of Dota Pt. 1

14: Gameplay Analysis Pt. 1


Christoffer 'Jarl' Snejbjerg - Teaches Fortnite

You will learn how to win more games in Fortnite. Victory Royale are the only two words that matter at the end of a Fortnite game and this course will take you to them faster than you could pop those minies behind a wall in a bulletstorm. A complete guide that breaks down incredibly skilled mechanical plays into tactics that you can take into your games the second you finish watching. Through this course you’ll better understand each part of the game, consistently get to the end and utilize your resources to their fullest to secure that win.

01: Jarl Introduction

02: Introducing Warm up

03: Warm Up alone in creative

15: Finding peaks/pokes


Konstantinos-Napoleon 'FORG1VEN' Tzortziou - Teaches League of Legends

You will learn how to take your League of Legends gameplay to the next level. “By far” the best course to learn how to master the ADC role in League of Legends. From the inventor of “Lane Kingdom”, we give you the secrets to bot lane domination. Understand how to win uncarriable games, stomp the enemy bot duo and pick to win. League is much better when you are overfed every game and this course will give you that power. Farm the map, punish all their mistakes, win those 2v3’s and secure your ELO with this 4 hours course. Divided into 21 episodes of pure technique, mastery and game knowledge, Forg1ven gives you the feeling of control back.

01: Forg1ven Introduction

04: CS breakdown

10: Neutralizing a bad match up

19: Analysis plat player PT. 2


Jacob 'Pimp' Winneche - Teaches CS:GO

You will learn how the best players approach CS:GO. In this exclusive MasterClass Pimp gives you all the needed knowledge to succeed at this game. He’ll teach you about mechanics, game sense, communication, strategies and overall best practices for competitive CS:GO. If you are looking to reach a higher level of play, look no further than this course. After 12 compact and no bullshit episodes, your understanding of the game and how to get better will be reshaped. Designed for maximum impact, step by step, Pimp will guide you to the next phase of your CS:GO journey.

01: Introduction

04: Ultimate Settings

09: Play like Astralis


Henrik 'Froggen' Hansen - Teaches League of Legends

You will learn a refreshing new way to master League of Legends. This course gives you the tools to immediately master new champions, completely decimate your opponents, quickly pick up new roles and dominate your opponents in League of Legends. Unlike other courses, this one is designed by Froggen himself, allowing you to deep dive into his mind. Gain in-depth knowledge about the game, presented in a unique way, that can’t be found anywhere else. After attending this course, you will immediately see progress in your play.

01: Froggen Introduction

07: How to Master Anivia

16: Mentality pt 1

18: PRO Tips and tricks


Nathan 'NBK' Schmitt - Teaches CS:GO

You will learn everything there is to know about the Lurker position in CS:GO. Few people in the scene have the same amount or more achievements when it comes to CounterStrike. NBK’s masterclass is a 35 episode coaching masterpiece that will help you stomp your opposition in both public and tournament games. Learn from a top tier support player how to take the initiative, get the most out of your utility, communicate properly and overall sacrifice everything so you can take your team to victory. Master the lurker position and punish your opponent’s every mistake.

01: NBK introduction

02: Philosophy of a support player

14: Analysis of Dust 2 Long

21: Inferno Pit


Paul 'sOAZ' Boyer - Teaches League of Legends

You will learn to conquer the top lane in League of Legends. You don’t stay at the top of the League of Legends competitive scene without having a trick or two up your sleeve. In this course, 6 time Worlds participant, with multiple out of groups showings and EU LCS titles, Paul “sOAZ” Boyer changes the way we think of the top lane in solo queue environments. Top lane isn’t an island, and through these 18 episodes you will go from clueless laning to master of the macro game. There’s a reason why the past 10 years, the name sOAZ has kept popping up and this course shows you why.

01: sOAZ Introduction

08: Jungle Pathing

14: Understanding the Minimap


Donovan 'Tekkz' Hunt - Teaches FIFA 20

This course will completely change the way you think about FIFA. You’ll learn the sickest skill moves, how to set up a crazy structure and most importantly how to score some cheeky goals that’ll leave your opponents with their jaws stuck to the floor. Stomp the competition as I have been doing the past 2 years using all the secrets that I’m going to be handing out in this course. Your FIFA 20 gameplay will drastically improve as I teach you how to be relentless in the attack and build up an unstoppable force.

01: Introducing Tekkz

03: Formations & Instructions (4-2-3-1)

07: Skill Moves

13: High Pressure Defense


Paul 'sOAZ' Boyer - Teaches League of Legends

You will learn how to entry-frag and storm your opponents in CS:GO. Some people enjoy playing the awp and playing the map but this course is for those who don’t have the patience to wait for their team to come up with a plan. In collaboration with Rush, this GamerzClass will blow your mind by delivering the secrets of entry fragging directly to your doorstep. Learn what’s arguably the most aggressive role in CS:GO and take control of your matchmaking games. Master recoil control, crosshair placement and how to consistently make those flashy plays that make for great montages.

01: RUSH introduction

03: Entry Fragging on Dust2 long

14: Entry Fragging on Inferno B-site

21: Entry fragging on overpass B-site


Predice victorias con Tara

Miguelon ha traído a Gamestry ya varias guías de diferentes brawlers, y hoy te enseñará todos los secretos de Tara en una serie de dos cursos.

1.- Introducción

2.- Conceptos

3.- Comparativa


Mejores rutas de Europa y España en la FNCS

Mira y aprende las rutas que han llevado a sus jugadores al TOP 1 de la FNCS. No pierdas detalle de los consejos y observaciones de Clynt sobre Maage, Castery, Diego y Denis.

1.- Introducción




Construcciones en Fortnite

Hoy ha traído su talento a Gamestry para mostraros un curso completísimo y actualizado sobre construcción en Fortnite: si quieres mejorar tu nivel, este curso cargado de protips será tu mejor arma.

1.- Presentación

2.- 90’S

3.- Los Retakes


Llega a ser Pro Player (Parte I)

Como gran entrenador y jugador profesional, DrekzeNN tiene años de valiosa experiencia como pro player, que te traerá en esta guía sobre cómo puedes iniciar tu avance en Clash Royale para convertirte en pro player.

2.- Primeros pasos

3.- Comienza tu carrera

4.- Entrevista a Flash (Parte 1)


El Fizz de un suscriptor

KAP inicia una nueva serie de guías para apoyar al suscriptor de Gamestry. Si quieres que analice tu manera de jugar y ayudarte a mejorar, este es tu sitio!

1.- Introducción

2.- Skills y Combos

3.- Runas


La guía del 2.6 que siempre pedías

En esta guía avanzada de Montapuerco analizarás la situación actual del mazo en el meta y la función de sus cartas y sinergias y verás ejemplos en partidas reales.

2.- Presentación del mazo

4.- Análisis de partida II: VS Minero y GiganteNoble

4.- Análisis de partida VI: VS Puercos Reales Mosquetera


La arena de Sandy

Atento a la nueva guía de Pablitin para masterizar a Sandy. Una brawler que causará horrores en tus partidas.

2.- Características

4.- Comparativa

6.- Análisis Atrapagemas


Controla toda la jungla de la Grieta del Invocador

Truncapochas te trae la guía más importante para un jungla. Atento a todos los tips que un profesional de la jungla viene a darte para controlar, en todo momento, al jungla enemigo.

2.- Priorización Objeticos: Maprift

3.- Priorización Objeticos: Ingame

4.- Pushear y Freezear


Ed Corsa nos enseña como mejorar la capacidad de almacenamiento de tu PC con Western Digital

Ed Corsa junto a Western Digital nos enseña que podemos elevar el potencial de nuestra PC gracias a los productos de almacenamiento que nos presenta en este curso

1.- Como instalar una NVMe en tu PC