Play for amazing prizes in our Open Tournaments. Rank Up and

become a pro player in our International live Tournaments. Your

story, your career, your legend starts here.


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We are passionate gamers who are aiming to

consolidate the careers of thousands of Esports

enthusiasts looking for an opportunity to go pro.

We understand that Esports is about engagement and


That’s why PRO PLAY ESPORTS is an all in one hub for Esports.

This is our Passion. It's time to Rise.

OVER $100,000 USD in prizes during our SEASON 1.

Arenas are tournaments held every 2 months for more than 14 games.

Arenas is your playground, where you will test your skills and
create a reputation on our platform.

Always with a $500 USD pool prize for the first 5 teams or players.

Each tournament will be run on stages.

Our flagship tournaments with over $1,000,000 USD in prize pools. Pro Play Esports Leagues will feature regional tournaments for more than 5 titles in our first year. With 3 different stages for each title and incredible rewards.




LFG: Find a team to play and improve in your

favorite game. Our “Looking For Group” option


Teams: Do you already have a team to play with?

Great! We have special offers to new groups of

players. Follow your team’s career and Rank Up in our

specialized ranking system.

Drafting: Do you want to go Pro? Well, keep those killstreaks

going and you might drafted to play for the greatest international

teams. Pro Play Esports will give access to the best International

Teams and Leagues to find the best talent worldwide.

International Tournaments: Get a chance to play in International

Tournaments with amazing crowds and huge prize pools.

Game Selection: We are aiming to have the biggest game selection out there.

Play your favorite games, rank up in your favorite fighting games and get serious

in teamfights while playing your favorite MOBA, all while adding points to your

personal XP system.

Rank Up: Play as much as you want in our Open Tournaments, earn In-Site points and

trade those for amazing prizes. Show your badges with honor, complete milestones, take

on challenges and show what you are made of.

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